Beating PTSD, from Afghanistan to Archery


How many times have we heard exercise is good for the mind as well as the body.  That’s all well but what if you want to exercise but you’re not into running, going the gym or don’t quite feel bendy enough for yoga.

Well, I’ve found a fab solution for all ages that is engaging, fun and helps build more than just muscle, ARCHERY!


A new club is up and running in Cheshire, Kyujutsu Archery runs from 12pm on Sunday’s at Brookvale Recreation Centre starting with taster sessions/beginners and leading through to experienced club members.

The club has been set up by Richie and Chris. Richie a veteran became involved with archery after being  injured in Afghanistan and diagnosed with PTSD.  Richie and his family initially received help and support from Combat Stress,  and then Richie was offered an Archery instructors course by Help for Heroes. He now runs the non profit club which is open to  all ages and abilities.

It’s definitely a family run club for families, Secretary Sarah is Richie’s wife and her  brother Instructor Chris was already trained in Archery. Sarah told me the club specialises in being ‘inclusive’ additional needs or disabilities are not barriers and the club adapts to its members, members do not adapt to the club.

There are lots more sessions in the pipeline, outdoors over the summer, after school club, and sessions suitable for those on the Autism spectrum.

One of the youngest members, who informed me he is nearly nine, was preparing for a grading assessment whilst I was there.


I believe he passed and received a certificate later that afternoon.


Archery builds on skills including:

Physical fitness
Gross motor skills
Hand/eye coordination

All of these skills including intense concentration have helped Richie rebuild his life and cope with PTSD. He now has a focus, a family business he loves and a club that is growing weekly.  You can see Richie’s story here on Forces TV.

Diary of an imperfect mum

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  • What a brilliant idea. I’ve always wanted to try it but never done it yet. It’s definitely something that my 5 year old would love!

  • Last time I did archery I ended up pinging my boob and had a huge bruise there for days. Needless to say I’ve never done it since. I either need to get braver or get a boob reduction!

  • What a lovely attitude for the club to be so inclusive, and you can certainly understand why. It’s lovely that Richie found a way to help himself, and to help others too. #FamilyFun

  • What a brilliant idea! I loved when they said the club would adapt to its members, that’s such a positive attitude and love that they are so inclusive too. If only we were in Cheshire as I’d love to try this with my big lad, he’s finished swimming now and we are looking for a new sport. Thank you for sharing your fab post with us #ablogginggoodtime

    • Catie one of the Mums cried when her son joined, he had been excluded from so many clubs before due to his difficulties. This club is so welcoming and inclusive.

  • Ah that’s fantastic! My youngest is 5 and has tried archery a couple of times but there’s nothing near us like this. There is an archery club but for 8 and over. This is a brilliant idea and a fantastic story too.

  • This looks so much fun. I saw it on holiday where they had it at the hotel and really wanted to give it a try. I may have to find one close to us!