Autumn Fun V Aussie Sun #country kids

This is my Day 2 in NaBloPoMo

 Autumn Fun v Summer Sun

My post for #countrykids today is a bit unusual.  Here are some photographs of my son with my godson’s boys having a fantastic time at Delamere Forest. They took their bikes and followed the bike trail which was an adventure for them all and then they joined in a bit of den building. They love being outdoors and the forest is a fantastic environment

IMG_0194    IMG_0195


Last week at our half term the boys moved house to


Here are the new pictures we received of them enjoying a very different type of outdoor fun, what a contrast. We are missing them very much already but know they will have a wonderful outdoor life in the  sun.

                                     65637_10151750677529646_630814035_n 1424415_10151750677659646_1428140882_n

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8 Responses to Autumn Fun V Aussie Sun #country kids

  1. Now that is how to show a change in a week! What a wonderful life experience for those boys but I bet you are going to miss them all. Thank Goodness for modern technology to stay in touch. A different but lovely Country Kids.

  2. Nicola C says:

    My Brother in Law, his wife and three children (including our godson) moved to Australia last October. It broke my heart but they are so happy it really was the best thing for them as a family. Skype is brilliant for keeping in touch particularly for the children. Good place for future holidays for you too x

  3. Vonnie says:

    Oh wow, that is a BIG move! Hope you’re okay with that move, it’s quite a distance!

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