Transporting a puppy in the car safely


You may have heard we have a new puppy, he has stolen our hearts and has us running rings around him. Which is exactly the opposite of the advice we were given from the animal rescue centre.

Our puppy has been chipped and has had his first vaccinations done by the centre, but this week he needed his final vaccination so we all planned a trip to the Vet surgery, even the teenager said he was coming with us.

We have spent quite a bit already despite the rescue centre providing some essentials.  We still need to organise pet insurance and as we’re looking for the cheapest car insurance we thought we might find a deal somewhere, but at the moment we have the free 4 weeks from our vet.

Now the teenager was expecting to sit on the back seat with the dog on his lap but safety conscious husband said no, we have to buy a pet carrier. Where we live the roads are either wide expressways or narrow winding lanes and some people seem to drive the same no matter what road they’re on.

We don’t need any mishaps from a puppy jumping round on the back seat and causing distractions, we had enough of that when the boys were younger, at least the puppy won’t want the radio station changed every five minutes.

Pet carriers are inexpensive which surprised me, ours was on offer at £11 and we are able to secure it with a seat belt, nobody wants a pet carrier flying forward if there’s an emergency stop. It also has a small top opening hatch if you need to soothe your puppy on the drive.

puppy and pet carrier

How do you transport your pets safely when driving?

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  1. Lisa
    Oct 6, 2016 / 10:21

    Hi Lolly, Your fur baby is so adorable, no wonder he’s running rings around you, how could you not, with a cute face like that! Anyway, transporting dog/ puppy; Little Orange dog has his own seat belt that clips on to his harness. They’re available in Pets at Home very cheaply. The one we have has three clips so it will clip into any car seat buckle (if that is the correct terminology-I’m sure you know what I mean). Have fun with pup x

    • Nortonmum
      Oct 6, 2016 / 11:49

      Hiya, thanks for your comment,we’re really enjoying having our puppy. Someone else mentioned a seat belt clip and I think now he’s a bit bigger we should get one. Thanks for your help will have a look today. x

  2. Sep 21, 2016 / 15:47

    Fizz has a harness that buckles into the seatbelt slot! She likes to look out of the window

    • Nortonmum
      Sep 22, 2016 / 09:45

      Thanks that’s good to know, I will look it up as I think he’s going to be a nosey parker & want to look out.

  3. Sep 20, 2016 / 21:19

    Wow £11. I thought they would have been much more expensive than that. Oh my word he is so adorable x

    • Nortonmum
      Sep 21, 2016 / 15:44

      Thanks Tracey, he’s quickly become part of the family x

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