Radio plays, museum days and skeletons #littleloves

This is the first time I’ve joined in with #littleloves so I’ve chosen a few snippets from my week.


I am reading The Inheritance by Tilly Bagshaw on a new Kindle. Having finished a book and wanting another immediately I decided to replace my Kindle. Mine was so old it wouldn’t recharge and the software went out of date so the LovetoShop voucher that’s been lying in the study has now been put to use.

a kindle e-reader


I donned a hard hat and went to watch the final stages of Norton Priory’s new museum building renovation. It was very exciting and great to be involved.

building site


I love radio plays, especially vintage crime drama. My favourite is Paul Temple and I love the language they use  “Cripes Steve, watch out for that hoodlum with a gun”.  At the moment I’m listening to Raffles – The Chest of Silver, which is a 1985 production.

Radio 4 play, The Chest of Silver


My friend has had a glass splash back made for her kitchen, it’s the Liverpool waterfront, a place close to our hearts as it is our home town. I love it and it looks fab.

glass splash back showing Liverpool waterfront


I have found the most comfortable flip-flops, they have a low wedge which is perfect for my arthritic feet as I cannot wear flat shoes. An absolute bargain from Amazon and very pretty.

sparkly flip flops

…and lastly

We have been back to Norton Priory to the open evening as the Museum opens this weekend, the collection looks amazing and a fab venue for families.

museum artefact skeleton

Don’t kids just love a Skeleton.


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  • Those flip flops are so pretty. They’re like evening wear shoes on holiday type of slippers. And z would absolutely love that skeleton 🙂

  • So glad you are joining in with little loves Lorraine. I saw some pictures in the press of the new museum and it looks amazing. How fantastic is that splash back, it makes my black one look SO boring x

  • I really need a new kindle – I’m holding out though. I have a Kindle Fire but didn’t update it, and think I just want a paperwhite instead. I don’t listen to the radio nearly enough – I love Elaine Page on a Sunday, with her musical theatre show.

  • Welcome to #litteloves it’s a favourite linky of mine personally. I love a splash back in a kitchen and that’s a beautiful one-completely different! I kee mixing between my kindle and a real book at the minute-I still like the feel of turning the pages jough kindles are fab x