Puppy Play Date, it’s a real thing

There’s nothing nicer after being out with the dog than to sit down with a cuppa and have him curl up on my lap for a sleep. It definitely makes you chill and relax. After all, who could disturb a cute sleeping puppy, believe me we were ready for a nap.

Ralf our rescue puppy is a very friendly dog, he loves meeting other dogs when we’re out and about. So when I discovered the fabulous idea of ‘dog play days’ at Early Paws in Cheshire I couldn’t wait to book him in.

puppy play time at Early Paws

We went to Puppy play day, where all the dogs are under 12 months old. There were about 20 puppies and their owners in the enclosed acre paddock, there was plenty of room and it was very sociable for all involved.

Puppy play at Early Paws doggie daycare

Ralf had great fun and it was lovely to watch them all chasing around, mud comes as standard when you’ve got a dog.

The session costs £4 per dog and lasts an hour and a half.  We stayed for about an hour then took Ralf into their dog friendly cafe where we ate bacon butties while Ralf had a drink and a rest.

There are play days for all dog sizes once a month. We can’t wait to take Ralf back to puppy play, it’s a lovely location and will be extra nice when it’s sunny.

Early Paws also provide dog grooming and daycare services.

Would you take your dog to a play date?

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  • We don’t have a dog but this sounds like a lovely idea, a great way to encourage your puppy to be friendly. 🙂
    Lovely to see you linking up to #pocolo, thanks so much!

  • I love the idea of this Lorraine, and if I had a puppy I would definitely take them to a puppy play date. Such a great idea to get puppies interacting with other dogs, and a chance to chat to other owners and make new friends x

  • It fab you can get him to play dates. I used to organize play dates for my dog when he was a pup, as it was hard for us to find suitable dogs to play with. Your post reminded me of that period, it was so lovely. x