Narrowboats across the Mersey, Wirral to Liverpool

narrowboats crossing the mersey

Do you know narrowboats can cross tidal rivers like The Thames and The Mersey?

We have a narrowboat but I’m not an adventurous boater. I don’t want locks and challenges or the thrill of crossing an aqueduct on a narrowboat. I prefer an easy relaxing boating life moored up in beautiful scenery with wine.

But some people are far more daring than me. Recently some members of our boat club ventured out to cross the Mersey in their narrowboats.

I thought they must be mad (although my husband would love it). The Mersey is a strong tidal VERY DEEP river and these organised trips are few & far between. They are weather dependent and led by an official experienced Pilot boat.

Setting off from the National Waterways Museum Wirral and heading off to moor up at Albert Dock in the heart of Liverpool.

Thanks to my friend Doug Wildman for taking the fab photos.

narrowboats leaving waterways museum


narrowboats passing large ships

narrowboats on the mersey approaching liverpool


the liverpool skyline



narrowboats entering the Albert Dock


narrowboats moored up at the Albert Dock

I do agree there could be no better place to be moored up than at the Albert Dock in the heart of the city.  You can stay about 14 days, plenty of time to explore the sights and enjoy the city. The boats are also an added attraction for any visitors to the Liverpool Waterfront. They all agree it was a fabulous experience and recommended it highly.

Is this something you would like to do?

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