Hula hoop for health

my weighted hula hoop from Argos

I have arthritis, I don’t say it often as I try to ignore it, but it’s a big health issue. Wanting to exercise I get so envious of runners because it’s the one thing I would do if I was able.

So on a positive search for something I can do I’ve discovered hula hooping.

Using a weighted hula hoop 10 minutes a day can make a difference to your fitness level and your waist. My hoop is from Argos and cost about £15.

Hooping isn’t a new thing. Not only did we all do it as kids there is evidence the Greeks & Egyptians had hoops. As an excellent form of exercise it helps you to burn calories & tone the muscles of your core for a slim and strong waist. You need to hula hoop for at least 10 minutes at a time every day to get the benefit and 30 minutes is equal to a good aerobic workout.

I’ve done some research looking up all the good factors and health benefits of hula hooping:

It’s a stress buster and produces those feel good endorphins in the brain
Improves balance & posture
Can improve focus & concentration
Good for heart health as it can reduce blood pressure
Burn 210 calories in half an hour
Fat in the waist is difficult to eliminate but regular hula hooping can do it.
Tones your core muscles
Improves joint health
Tones arms & legs

That’s everything I would want in a workout and arthritis shouldn’t stop me, although 30 minutes in one session is probably a bit long for me.

So I’ve started on 10 minutes a day hoping to build up if I can. At first it may hurt but this doesn’t last long. I know some people have bruising initially but I haven’t. I can already feel my stomach muscles working hard to keep the hoop up and I can continually hoop for the whole 10 minutes.

Don’t be put off if the hoop keeps dropping, you really will find your technique if you persist. I set a timer for 10 minutes and it flies by. Put your favourite music on or stand watching TV,  or maybe watch hula hooping on YouTube for encouragement.

Here’s a snippet of me and my hula hoop..

I’m hoping to tone my waist and eventually drop a jeans size, I’ll let you know how I get on.


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