Exercise resolutions are under way


2015 is flying already, it’s a month since I added my link to the Resolution2015 challenge. Our eat healthy resolution is going well although the husband and My Fitness Pal App have definitely got something going on, he seems to be looking at that more than he does me.

The exercise bike is fab! I have Arthritis and exercising is tricky but the sturdy seat supports me well and the length of the bike can be adjusted easily to suit my partially bending knees. Not one to be left out the ‘bean pole’ teen has also had a try of the bike, I think he’s trying to see if he can cycle whilst playing Fifa15.

I have to admit again the Husband is doing best, 30 minutes 5 times a week and he’s enjoying it, I am too as he chooses 7pm as exercise time, so I watch Emmerdale.

One of the extras we got was a Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor.


Getting the most out of your exercise is really important, you want every heart breaking minute to count. For someone over 50 your heart rate should be between 85 -140 for the exercise to burn most calories.

I look forward to continuing this throughout the year and on the next catch up we’ll see what the Teen has been up to.


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