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Before we got a dog I never watched pet programmes, now I see them all the time, has there always been this much dog TV? There are 8.5 million dogs in the UK so I suppose there is an audience out there for these programmes.

There’s a new one starting soon about dog health, I imagine there’ll be a segment on obesity as I read the average UK dog is 22% overweight.

When Ralf the rescue puppy came to live with us we had advice and guidelines from the rescue centre about his care and wellbeing. One piece of advice was to choose good quality food without additives and don’t give too many snacks or treats.

Research by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals has found that 36 per cent of dogs are overfed with treats, owners have admitted sharing their cakes, crisps and cheese with their pet.

To help combat obesity Barking Heads have developed a pet food suitable for dogs that need to lose a bit of weight, Fat Dog Slim (it does what it says on the pack) is a light yet complete balanced dog food with 30% chicken and trout that helps your dog to not only lose weight but to maintain their correct weight. They have even put a small hole in the middle of the kibble so the dogs think they are getting more than they actually are!

I found these guidelines on how to check if your dog is overweight, obviously this will vary with the breed and build of dog but it’s a starting point.

IDEAL• Ribs, spine and hip bones easily felt • Visible waist with an abdominal tuck • A small amount of fat can be felt.

OVERWEIGHT• Ribs, spine and hip bones are hard to feel • Waist barely visible with a broad back• Layer of fat on belly and at base of tail.

OBESE• Ribs, spine and hip bones extremely difficult to feel under a thick layer of fat• No waist can be seen and belly may droop significantly • Heavy fat pads on lower back and at the base of the tail.

If you’re concerned about your pet you can always ring the local vet for help and advice.

A healthy dog is a happy dog

Thank you Barking Heads for sending us the food for Ralf’s review.

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