Add colour to a white bathroom

Our house is 20 years old next year, I can’t believe we’ve lived here that long. We moved in with a 9 year old, 3 years later (and I was 40) our surprise boy arrived,  luckily there’s plenty of room for all of us.

Now the original bathroom fittings have become a bit dated we decided to revamp them on a budget, keeping what we could.

Deciding to update the sink and toilet, keep the bath and shower but add a new clear glass cubicle were the main changes, we had white tiles so they would stay.  Doing the work ourselves would keep the cost down, which is great if you can do it.

The changes made such a difference but the bathroom was a stark white, here’s how we added colour.

Colourful accessories


The cheapest way of adding colour is with your usual bathroom accessories, the hand wash and toothbrush holders. Lime green and turquoise really stand out and add to our theme.



I knew I was going to go with a colourful floor the minute I saw the expanse of white. We choose a thick vinyl, I’ve never liked tiles on the floor so this was perfect.



The plain back wall needed a focal point, I love this inexpensive Jack Vettriano print.



I fell in love with this fabric at our local blind manufacturers, although I did initially think the stripes were going to be horizontal.

The finished product


We love our bathroom and we spent less than £1000 on the changes, have you made a big difference with a little budget.

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  • White is the best option long term though…as you’ve shown it’s easy and less expensive to update if you get fed up with a particular theme or colour. I’m loving the pops of colour from the blind! Thanks for linking up #bloggershomes xx

  • I am guessing you bought your house when it was built Lorraine. I think adding splashes of colour to a plain bathroom is a great idea and I love the blind and print. We recently updated our bathroom by purchasing a new Ikea unit, new toothbrush holder and new towels. Really made a difference x