Teens: What time is bedtime?

Teens, what time is bedtime?

Right! The teen has returned from his USA trip, after 3 days in LA and 4 in New York the jet lag has set in. Luckily he has another week off school to recover, not that school is in his thoughts at all.

Trying to get a teen in or out of bed is a challenge in itself, at the minute he is asleep half the day and awake half the night, he needs to get back to routine.

Since my son was born he has had a set bedtime, it was so easy when he was too young to know or care about time. As the years went on bedtime was set later but we still stuck to a routine.

Recently we had a ‘bedtime’ conversation. We, the ‘old fogey’ parents think 9.45 is late enough for a 14-year-old and since his bedroom renovation he now, for the first time, has a TV in his room. It isn’t his dream giant Panasonic TV  but it is a smart TV for playing games and music, this of course will go off at 9.45 too.

Our dilemma is, “Are we too strict, is 9.45 too early?”

This is what the Sleep Foundation say:

Teens need about 9 1/4 hours of sleep each night to function best (for some, 8 1/2 hours is enough). Most teens do not get enough sleep — one study found that only 15% reported sleeping 8 1/2 hours on school nights.

This would correspond with the bedtime we set for our son, he needs to be up by 7.30am on school days. We are already compromising by having ‘late nights’ at the weekend and although not recommended this is very common according to further Sleep Foundation information.

So now routine has returned to prepare for school, for the time being we are trying a 9.45 bedtime, lets see how it goes.

What do you think? What time do your young teens go to bed?

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