Talk about it Tuesday – Revision stress

Revision stress is making my teen ill

This week my son is expected to stay at school till 5pm to sit another round of mock exams, I think this will be the third!

His school, which went into special measures over a year ago, is now apparently turning around and this years GCSE results will need to reflect this, but it seems to be to the detriment of the children.

On Friday we received a letter saying the resits will begin 18 jan, there has been no lead up to this, no instruction to my son on where he needs to focus extra revision to build on grades and he feels it is all a waste of time.

For the first time ever he has said he hates school, and this is from the boy who started pre-school with selective mutism and overcame it.

He is upset and says he doesn’t care about grades and results, but I think he is worried and being put under pressure from school.

We have decided he is not staying for the re-sits, instead we will focus on revision material at home.

And this is why…..

My husband, a counsellor, is concerned about the stress children are put under in order for a school to ‘look good’ in the school league tables. It is known the pressure of getting good GCSE results leads to an increase in the number of teenagers suffering mental health problems.  Combine this stress with other factors in a teenager’s life and depression, self-harm or eating disorders can result in some cases. The charity Young Minds discuss this and can offer support.

Not getting A’s in GCSE exams doesn’t mean the future is ruined, there are far more options for young people to study after high school and re-sit any subjects they want to take further, after all many exams and tests can be repeated through life, like my 3 driving tests.

So let’s encourage our young people to study and learn but not frighten them out of it with a fear of exam results.

This is Talk about it Tuesday

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  • Oh Lorraine it must be so hard to see him getting so stressed and him saying he hates school. I agree that sometimes schools can put far too much pressure on them. It sounds as if you are doing the right thing for your son and at the end of the day that is all that matters. Hugs xx

  • It’s great you took his feelings into consideration. As a teenager I was so keen in having good grades and the exams were very motivational for me, but not everybody thinks like this and everybody should have the opportunity to express themselves.

  • It’s really interesting reading this – as you are coming at it from an entirely different place to us…

    Our son is putting himself under so much pressure. He has even said (on more than occasion) that there are certain subjects that if he doesn’t get A* in, he WILL resit. He’s unable to eat some days and has become rather withdrawn.

    School do have high expectations, but they certainly aren’t the cause of his stress. I worry that his Aspergers is preventing him from being able to relax – but he is still talking so at least we’re communicating.

    • I know mine can get anxious which was the cause of selective mutism as a small child, we are trying to keep the pressure off. It is hard isn’t it, talking is good. He seems calmer today & is considering staying for a couple, it is so hard as the school say he is a really capable, but I think he’s worrying.