Talk about it Tuesday 16/6/15

Having a teenager can take its toll on you, even though my boy is a great kid I stress myself out worrying every time he asks to go somewhere or do something.

I wrote this piece for Let Kids be, about giving him space to be himself, I need to keep reminding myself of this……

I grew up in Liverpool in the 60’s, all the things available to children now were unheard of when I was young, but I was lucky enough to attend a Grammar School, get a decent job, meet the ‘other half’ and now our son has a very different life to what we had as children.

When my son started Primary School I was looking at High Schools, now he’s in High School I recently researched Universities abroad. I do this all the time, looking for the next big adventure, but for who? I wonder if I am trying to get him to do all the things I didn’t have the opportunity to do when I was young, continue reading

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