Why do I seem to be the only Mum of a teen who says no.

I started writing this at midnight, knowing my teen was home safe and tucked up in bed. When I say tucked up I actually mean eating leftover meatballs and pasta, but he’s home.

He finished high school on Friday and in celebration the whole school year arranged to meet at the park on the edge of the conservation area near where we live, but not at lunch time when they finished school, it was planned for the evening starting at 7pm.

My teen wanted to go, I didn’t want him to go.

I am trying my best to give him more freedom, he is nearly 16 after all, but I didn’t think hanging out in the park till MIDNIGHT sounded good and I knew some of his year group would be drinking alcohol.

Sometimes it’s so hard making decisions as a Mum of a teen. I’ve been to pick him up from parties and watched as a hoard of young teens trundle off down the road walking home through parks, over fields, past the canal, and some of them have been drinking. I’ve said no he can’t walk home late at night. Am I old fashioned, don’t other parents worry?  I wonder  is it because I’m an older Mum, I had my boy at 40.

Of course I’m not the only parent at the pick up but we are getting to be few and far between, what would you do?

As for Friday, well we came to a compromise, he went to the park and we picked him up just after 10.30pm, they all had a great time, and we even gave a couple of his friends a lift home.  And well done to the boy who didn’t spill a drop from his can of cider in the car.

ps….It’s the Prom next week and I’ve heard last years kids had an after party till 8am.  Help me,  SEND WINE!


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  • You’re definitely not the only one. Ours is 12 and wants more freedom every day – I am so reluctant for obvious reasons. She’s been asking about drinking because that’s what her mates do (apparently) but you know what it’s like when you’re a kid, you feel like everyone is out having fun and you’re not. I bought her a bottle of non-alcoholic cider the other day. That was me being radical ha ha 🙂

    • It is so hard Kerrie but we have to stick to what we say, they seem to grow up too fast. I’m sure we’ll find the in-between, like non-alcoholic cider, haha x

  • Trust me, you aren’t the only one who says no – I would too! A compromise is a sensible solution but it is quite hard learning to trust them at this age isn’t it? Here’s hoping you both make it through the prom and that he has a good time. xx

  • I think parenting teens is all about compromise, however I am NO expert being in just our first year of the long teenage years. It sounds as if you did the right thing, and I would have done exactly the same. 10.30pm seems a reasonable time, especially when you know other kids would be drinking. Gosh just when you think the parenting lark is hard, another hurdle comes along eh x

    • It is hard but he’s a great kid, you know what your own are like and you have to compromise accordingly. x ps….Start saving for K’s prom dress now. : )

  • Oh my! I have a teen and I haven’t even thought this far ahead. She’s 13 and I was the mean mother who wouldn’t let her got to the big funfair over 40 minutes away from us on Saturday..
    I’m glad you found a compromise. I hope he has a great Prom. x