Ralf Reviews: Scrumbles dog food

Our Ralf is really fussy about what he eats, well actually that’s me being fussy about what I buy him. We’ve always checked the content of Ralf’s food and he’s been trying something new, Scrumbles dog food.

Ralf with a bag of Scrumbles dog food

I’ve read so many things about the bad additives and grains that are added to some dog foods. You do have to check the labels if you care about what you feed your dog.

My friend’s lovely dog eats one of the mass produced brands of dog food, he looks good with his beautiful shiny coat but he’s always being thrown out of the kitchen door because WOW he stinks. Apparently this is due to the food he eats, which he may be having a reaction to.

Bad dog food ingredients from petsafe.net

Scrumbles is made by people who are pet owners and know what they want in a food. It has high meat content and quality ingredients, most importantly avoiding bad grains to bulk up the food. It’s wheat free, gluten free and hypoallergenic. Which is great if you think your dog might have a sensitive stomach.

list of ingredients in Scrumbles dog food

Ralf investigated the packaging and then had his first taste…..

Ralf sniffing the Scrumbles dog food package

…….which for a fussy pup was good to see.

Ralf eating Scrumbles dog food


If you would like to know more about Scrumbles, you can find them here.


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