Like a quiz, Fridaytwiz

I like a good quiz, there now I’ve said it. It’s not that I’m competitive I just like the ‘going with your instinct’ thing and the amazing way the brain drags facts from its depths that you haven’t thought of since the 70’s, even if you weren’t born then.

Since having kids its rare we get out so we don’t get to pub quizzes, although we do have a few at home (that statement covers drinks and quizzes). Now our quizzes are organised by Memory Man our son, but a quiz about Pokemon characters is just totally out of our league.

So when on twitter one evening I came across a quiz I was thrilled. A quiz on twitter, who knew? The questions are tweeted and you tweet your answer back, simple oh no its as much about speed as brain power. Of course it gets out of hand and can be hilarious, although Twizmaster does her best to keep order.

So now on a friday night I go to a quiz, its great fun and I love it, and yes so far my answers have been rubbish but to any twizzers out there who might read this watch out, I might just sneak in and win one day.

After all, I did go to Grammar School you know.

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  • It looks like good fun but I never seem to be able to keep up! I see all your tweets pop up and always think I’ll join next time but then I forget again. Oops! Nice that you have found something fun to do x