Is finding your dream school just pure luck?

In 1997 we moved house. We chose our house on all the usual criteria, location, size, big sunny garden all the usual dream features, of course we didn’t need to worry about school as being 37 and my other half 42 It wasn’t our concern. Haha little did we know! In 2000 our son was born and so it began.

I knew the school I wanted, the cute village one 10 minutes drive away, sorted.  This lovely school didn’t have a nursery, so our son would go to the one in the primary at the top of our road and then move onto the Village School.

As I have written before, our son developed Selective Mutism through the anxiety of starting nursery, and  that changed everything. We then didn’t want to take him from surroundings and people he was used to, and all of the friends he made. Except for not speaking to the adults he loved it, so he stayed at the Primary. Due to a fantastic reception teacher and the caring nature of the school his Selective Mutism was gone by yr2.

Then we had High School choice. We were prepared to move house, but this is hard when you love where you live. We decided to stay put. We chose the local church school and our son is doing very well, and importantly is happy.

This is where the luck question re-appears, the High School we would have moved close to had a fantastic Ofsted, great reputation and was in an affluent area. Last week I was alerted by a tweet regarding this school, I found the article online, basically:-

THE principal has been suspended by governors and was asked to leave the school following a torrent of complaints from staff, parents and pupils. Governors met with parents many of whom offered their concerns about the direction the school was taking. Chief among the worries was a poor atmosphere at the school.

Who could have foreseen this, hopefully in time it will be returned to the school it once was.

As a parent we worry about our  school choices, but sometimes is it JUST PURE LUCK!

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  • I never thought of it being about pure luck but you have got me thinking now. With our primary school my son didn’t get into our first and only choice. We could have appealed but we decided to view another school in the area. We immediately knew it was the school for us, and 9 years later we are still just as happy with it. My best friends children go to the school we didn’t get in, and the stories she tells me, I am really glad we didn’t. I am sure my kids schooling life would be totally different if we had got into the other school x

  • I know people who have moved or stayed put in a too small house to get into/stay in the catchment area of a good school. Without strong & effective management schools can very quickly go under. Lucky for you you avoided this head! #TalkaiTues

  • We were lucky in the sense we ended up buying very close to the most amazing village primary a 5 minute walk away. We had back up plans too and Oliver had gotten into another wonderful primary school a short drive away. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  • Interesting read, I live in Cheshire too and too many times people think affluent areas = wonderful schools, not the case. I went to Private School hated every second of it, and was moved to general comp and flourished. I am trying to discourage my friend from sending her 4 year old daughter but she has the same issue as you. I am sure it wasn’t this stressful in my mums day.

    • It definitely wasn’t when I was a child, but we had the option of Grammar school too. We also considered the Private school as I got myself so stressed out. Luckily our son is happy in his High School.