Pudsey Pride

Oh Pudsey how your image, inspires us to donate

On a night of fun and frivolity, that makes us all feel great

But interspersed with sadness, of tales so raw and true

As images of children in need, inspire to support you

In a time of government cutbacks and money being tight

who’d have thought last years target, could be smashed in just one night

So now the night, is over and thank you everyone

and this is where your money goes so support can carry on:

Helping under 18’s dealing with

Illness, distress, abuse or neglect

Any kind of disability

Behavioural or psychological difficulties

Living in poverty or situations of deprivation

A project to run a variety of extra curricular clubs within school, specifically aimed at SEN children, which will hopefully help build self esteem and confidence, encourage new friendships and help widen the opportunities for children to succeed.

A project to allow day time opening at weekends of an emergency over night hostel that is normally closed during the day time, which caters to the needs of young homeless teenagers.

  • A project to work with young people with aspergers, ADHD and emotional and wellbeing issues to carry out an intergenerational oral history project to increase confidence, team working skills and improve relations between family members.

    Mental Health Young Carers Support project will provide flexible outreach support for Young Carers who care for parent(s) with mental illness, alcohol or substance misuse issues.

    The Children and Young People’s Counselling Service will provide counselling to children and young people who have suffered sexual violence via a range of approaches to benefit the individual needs of children.

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