Christmas gift guide: two goats and a pile of poo

The teenager doesn’t want anything for christmas this year,  well he says he wants nothing but  he actually wants trainers, a jacket, and an expensive T shirt, but apparently clothes count as nothing.

I suppose the fact he doesn’t want gifts and gadgets is a good thing, but as a surprise  what could you get the teenager who wants for nothing?

We’ve decided this year he’s getting a Pile of Poo!


Don’t be shocked, this definitely isn’t as daft as it sounds, in fact I love the idea and I know our teen will too.

Oxfam unwrapped have a selection of gifts to buy to support their fight against poverty by changing lives across the world, and by buying a ‘Pile of Poo’ you are investing in a family training in eco-friendly farming techniques using manure and organic fertiliser.

This means they have regular meals, a more varied diet and the chance to earn a better income to pay for things like school fees.

This isn’t the first time we’ve bought an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, when our friends were emigrating to Australia and were restricted on luggage we chose to buy their kids a goat, (kids, goat, get it).

They loved the idea, even now they believe they have a goat helping feed and support a less fortunate family, and it’s true. The goat brings in an income and the family can afford to send their children to school, and education is a way out of poverty.

If you’re wondering about buying something different this year  why don’t you make a difference and help Oxfam in their fight against poverty.

Buy an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, it will definitely be the talk of Christmas Day.

Archie the Goat - with Gift Tag

update…..and this had him laughing on Christmas Day, well done Oxfam.



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