100 word story -The Catwalk

She strode past the other models, not even giving them a second look, they felt a shiver as she passed them by.

Out onto the catwalk and she was home, this was her place, the excitement of the crowd buzzing with anticipation the media flashbulbs ready.

Long limbs in flowing fabric, stunning in the show lights she tossed her well recognised golden hair, once a ‘supermodel always a supermodel’ she thought.

She paused at the end of the runway, keeping her composure she turned with a glint in her eye.

Ha, she thought, I might be dead but I’m not gone.


That was Christmas…

Christmas is over, decorations away

Santa left stuff for the kids to play

New games and gifts have replenished the stocks

But after a day kids are back on xbox

I’ve eaten the chocolates, cakes and crisps

Think i’ve shrunk my clothes they won’t fit past my hips

I’ve lovely new boots that I can’t parade

As I daren’t go the shops till the husband’s been paid

I nearly got choked and everything stinks

Never give 13 year olds gift sets of Lynx

Ask kids what’s the highlight and here’s what they’ll say

When Nan showed her bag saying it’s by F.U.C.K


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Alternative Christmas

Are you looking forward to christmas and all of the fun

Have you bought your presents and your shoppings done

I’m not quite into the swing of things i’m a bit unsettled you see

On tuesday I helped at the food bank and it’s really bothering me

The man who got upset as he came in from the street

His choice was have the heating on or buy food to eat

Talking of how life was fine then BAM! your job is gone

No money for rent, the bills, the food, the list goes on and on

He left a little brighter with a food supply

He’d also made a ‘ to do’ list and as he said goodbye

He thanked us for the welcome it’s been the hardest thing he’d done

I really wish that Santa brings some peace to everyone.


Mums don’t Lunch.

lunch plate

Arriving at the Cafe, sitting down to lunch

all of us together a lovely family bunch

what you going to have mum? I hear the eldest say

as I try to settle the little one who’s wriggling away

Can we  have a burger and cheese and chips they shout

as one of them knocks a drink over, and juice comes gushing out

what you having mum they say, this menu is for you

and as I take a glance at it I hear “I NEED A POO”

the menu’s down we’re out the seat going to the loo

no wonder he was wriggling, but what’s a mum to do

so finally the food arrives the kids are eating fine,

and i’m just having coffee, I forgot to order mine!