Revision tips for…. parents.

The last term of school always involves tests of some type.

For our teen, the end of year 9 exams lead him towards the preparation for GCSE’s, or whatever they might be called in 2017.

For the sake of my sanity I have been researching ‘revision tips’. This is what I came up with:

  • Make a schedule, this way everyone knows what’s happening. So when Mum pops out the teens can’t blindside Dad.
  • Don’t forget to include breaks, but not long enough for them to get on the xbox.
  • It’s hard to concentrate when you’re thinking of food so eat before you start, best feed the teens too.
  • Set up the revision in the same place each time, (not in front of the TV)  it may help them switch into work mode. Although if school can’t do it you’ve got no chance.
  • If noise is an issue request some quiet, remind the family the quality of your future nursing home is at stake!
  • It’s not a race, let things sink in, you don’t want them to miss something. First to finish isn’t always good.
  • Be prepared, if they come across something they’re not sure of they may ASK YOU FOR HELP.
  • Revision makes Parents happy, but you didn’t invent it so don’t let them make your life a misery.
  • Remind them revision has a side effect, they may pass their exams and BE SUCCESSFUL!

So good luck, i’m sure you’ll get through it, and maybe the kids will do well too.




Blog On Brilliance! #mosi

Saturday the 4th of may

What a bloomin brilliant day

Museum of science & industry

Was certainly the place to be

Bloggers arrived to chat & learn

How to improve & maybe earn

From photography to Googleplus

Experts shared their skills with us

Creative copy, that talk was brill

And confidence they did instil

We mixed with brands, that’s new to me

And we tried loads of stuff for free

The #mosi lunch was a tasty spread

All of us were so well fed

The wine was flowing and friendships made

Laura your hard work certainly paid

Amazing raffle, goody bags a dream


thank you Laura & Blog On

Roll on next year.

Walk to school, can you do it?

National Walk to school week is upon us again.

We all know walking is the best way to get to school, but in the morning rush especially if you’re a working parent, do you have time to walk?

Once again the news is highlighting  parking outside schools, more fines have been issued than ever before as parents are parking on the zigzags & double yellow lines in an effort to drop their kids off  as close to school as possible.  In fact the fines have doubled to over 28,000 since 2011.

As lots of parents are on their way to work after the school drop off,  our Head Teacher a working Mum herself, devised this system.

The Primary school is down a narrow lane, you drive up to the gate, there is a manned      (a woman actually) drop & go system in place, they open your car door and the child is welcomed by the staff member and they go into the enclosed playground,  the parent knows their child is safely on the school grounds as they drive away. It works amazingly well.

But while this system works well in the morning there is no possibility of having anything similar after school. The parking around the school is horrendous and is now monitored by our community police officer who is encouraging parents to walk to pick up their children, or let older children walk home alone,  which is an issue in itself.

This is the pathway to our Primary School, we love it and of course it is usually full of parents and children, but at first glance would you let your child walk  it without you ?

In year 6 as High School was fast approaching we thought it time to let our son walk the short distance to and from Primary, he wanted to walk and it gave him a bit of independence.

Of course now he’s a teenager we’ve reverted back to me dropping him at school,  he’d rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed.





I’m going #blogonmosi with Blogs up North.

I’m going to #blogonmosi, and I’m meeting @messedupmum

we’re getting rather giddy, and can’t wait for it to come

I’ve never been to an event before, I hope it will be fun

It’ll be like a mad day out, with mums on the run

I’ve had this blog about a year, and still got loads to learn

but I’ve found a fab community, with help at every turn

I’m not even self hosted, I haven’t worked with brands

but I’m hoping that this year, they’ll both be in my plans

I don’t really know what to expect, or what we’re going to do

but I know I’m looking forward, to meeting all of you.


Plant the seed, to read.

I’ve read books about Spot the dog, and pop up books and rhymes

And feel I’ve read the Gruffalo about a million times

Biff & Chip and Kipper are imprinted in my brain

And sometimes I do wonder, who chose those children’s names

I was prepared to read The Twits, but my son had other ideas

He said ‘I don’t like Roald Dahl ’ as it quickly disappears

Then we had the Astrosaurs and Captain Underpants

So any of the classics just didn’t stand a chance

But now he is a teenager and I can safely say

He ‘likes the books that he likes’ and reads them everyday

He was never into Vampires or Harry Potter you see

It seems he likes biographies which is the opposite to me

When your efforts have paid off, and it’s up to them

You’ve planted the love of reading, and his next book’s EMINEM!