the uncheshire wife

Hi welcome to my world online.

I’m Lorraine, Mum to a teen and wife to a Narrowboat enthusiast, and proud owner of a cute rescue dog called Ralf.
My life revolves around family and community, a member of the WI supporting local causes while having fun. Sharing a love of twitter & Instagram and busy organising social media for community groups as I try to spread the word on what’s going on where.


I am often found writing news, reviews and ‘parenting poetry’ instead of cleaning up & ironing.

I do live in leafy Cheshire but my leaves are a little more trampled on.

Welcome to the Un-cheshire Wife life.





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I am happy to review products if I think it is something relevant to me, my family, and of interest to readers.  The review will be written by me,  in my style and in complete honesty. It will be clear if I have received the product free, or if the post is a collaboration.



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