Who’s behind your charity shop.


When you’re out shopping do you ever pop into a charity shop for a rummage. We all love a little nosey around them and maybe pick up a bargain but where does your money go?  Do you stop to think what’s behind a Charity Shop name.

Claire House offers a sanctuary for children and young people who live with a  life threatening or life limiting condition. It provides a home-from-home environment for children, young people and their families, allowing them to forget about the daily routine and simply have time to enjoy themselves.

Every year, the shops raise hundreds of thousands of pounds to help support the work of the hospice, enabling them to provide first class care to children and young people as well as support their families.

Fundraising is vital in the support of Claire House,  and one their fun upcoming events is


The Claire House Splash Dash in September is a 5k fun run with a difference, you will start in your brightest white t-shirt and as you pass each kilometre point you will be pelted with different colours of powdered paint, until you finish the course looking like a human rainbow.

If you would like to support Claire House, or for more information on the Splash Dash, click on the logo’s above.

Next time you’re out shopping have at who’s behind your shop.






The last resort.

Lillie McFerrin Writes


As usual we drove around for another half hour before my husband even acknowledged my suggestion that we were lost.

Pulling up at the  dark shabby little store was definitely a last resort for him, but he had no choice if we were to find our cottage before nightfall.

He was always the same, but with the recent landslips I didn’t want to be randomly driving around in the dark.

I sent him in, and sat in the van and waited, and waited.

That’s it, I stormed across the empty car park and barged through the dooooorrrrr, as the rest of the land slipped away.



GBBO..Baking schmaking pfft.


I’ve never been a baking fan, and I’ve NEVER made the kids cakes

My husband was better at that than me, so I let him do the bakes

Now I’m not sure what’s happened to me

Seems I’ve got the bug

I’m watching Great British Bake Off

And it’s giving me a warm hug

I’m sussing out the contestants, deciding who I like, or not

I’ve got one eye on that Hollywood guy

Thinking he looks a bit hot, (& not from the ovens)

Mary Berry wasn’t someone I’d heard of,  with her recipes and tips

I grew up with Mary Baker, who revolutionised cake mix

But I’ll continue to watch the series

Though I may not be inspired to bake

I know what I’ll do

Be like Mel & Sue

And  eat everyone else’s  cake.