Teachers and the Tooth Fairy

Children's Dental health survey

I’ve just watched the news as we do every night after tea, and was shocked to see Health England suggesting schools and nurseries should help children brush their teeth.

Health officials said children as young as three are suffering from severe tooth decay and we need to act now, so let’s get school involved.

Shocking isn’t it, but this isn’t a breaking news story.

In 2008 Parents were accused of failing to help children brush their teeth properly.  A survey carried out by British Dental Health Foundation found more than one in five under-fives were being left to brush their teeth unsupervised.

Has nothing changed, and are we again relying on teaching staff to parent our children? Dental experts say support from schools is key to the success of the Children’s Dental Health survey, which has been carried out every 10 years since 1973.

Teaching children good dental habits is vital to prevent gum disease in adulthood. Around 25,000 young children every year are admitted to hospital to have teeth taken out.

Do you know the routine for children?

Start brushing children’s teeth as soon as they erupt
Brush twice a day using fluoride toothpaste
Brush using small circular motions, making sure that all tooth surfaces are cleaned
Select a brush with a small head and medium strength bristles
For children up to three years of age brush the teeth yourself, using a smear of 1,000ppm fluoride paste
For children aged between three and six, encourage the child to brush themselves but supervise their brushing. Use a pea-sized blob of 1,350-1,500ppm fluoride paste

Do you think teachers should be involved in supervising teeth cleaning?


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Mind your beeswax – candle craft

One of the advantages of working in a Museum/walled garden is the chance to be involved in environmental projects and natural crafts, I’m not naturally an outdoor girl but I definitely love a bit of fun crafting (without kids).

So today we added the art of beeswax candle making to our museum skills.

Beeswax pouring




We all had a fab day and many thanks to  Cheshire Beekeepers for their time and expertise.


What is beeswax

Beeswax is secreted from special glands on the bee’s abdomen and the bees will hang on to each other and build comb within any enclosed space they occupy. Each of the cells in the comb is 6 sided, or hexagonal making the most efficient use of space and the hexagonal structure is so strong that 25g in a standard frame can support up to 2300 g of honey. Comb is used for rearing the brood and for storing pollen and honey.

Golden Oldies
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Reading with kids, for National Poetry Day

A Poem for National Poetry Day 2/10/14

#nationalpoetryday parenting

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