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Violets in Bloom Children’s Memorial Garden


Is there anything worse for a parent than the death of a child. I have seen first hand the struggle of a parent to cope after such tragedy, my husband’s daughter died in a road accident in 1993.

Finding a way to carry on while grieving shows itself in different ways, for my husband it was a change of career, he took his experience and turned it into a positive and now works with bereaved families as a Counsellor.

When Kerry and Ivan Mornington lost their 5 year old daughter Violet to the condition HLH they wanted to turn their grief into something positive and find a way to support other bereaved parents.

The idea of a children’s memorial garden came about when looking at memorials for Violet, there didn’t really seem to be anywhere in their area where parents could go to reflect, to seek solace and peace as they think about their little angels.

Kerry and Ivan said, ‘We really wanted to see something that would truly represent children and babies and be a lasting legacy in memory of Violet.’

Fradley Crematorium near where the family lives seemed the ideal the location for the Memorial garden and fundraising has now begun.

The starting project will cost up to £40,000 and will allow families who have lost their children to use the garden to remember them with their own space or plaque.

Kerry said the experience of trying to find the right place to remember Violet – a tomboy, who refused to wear pink and died wearing her favourite Spider-Man pyjamas – was always going to be difficult, as she was such a unique spirit.

“It is not like any other grief, It is like being lost at sea and the waves keep smashing you against rocks. When a child dies there are no positives to come from it. There is no reasoning ‘why?’ – it shouldn’t happen. It is against the natural order of things.” 

The plan is to make it a reality as a soon as possible with the hope of that the garden will open in summer 2015. Please join us in our journey and help us along the way. Violets in bloom will be a wonderful legacy for the beautiful child and In turn will create a sanctuary of remembrance for so many families.

After the garden completion the charity aims to continue to support families who have lost a child and assist with the funding of funerals and memorials.

For more information visit the website                                                                                         You can also donate by texting VINB14 plus the amount to 70070



 Child death helpline Support for anyone affected by the death of a child

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Spring brings flares and fringing with a 70’s vibe

I remember wearing flares the first time around. They remind me of the hot summer of 76, flowing hair, cheesecloth shirts, platform sandals and fringed bags, casual cool.  I was 16 and not a care in the world, I wonder if some new ones will help recapture my youth.

Here’s a selection of what’s available…


Marks&Spencer £35


ASOS £35


ASOS £250


Fringed Bags

H&M £19.99


Zara £139


Next £60


What do you think, will you be wearing flares and fringing this Spring?

Fashion Friday on MummysGotStyle.com

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