Support after the loss of a Child

As a blogger I read a lot of blogs to see what people write about, and  have been amazed and inspired by the variety of subjects chosen. The most emotional and heart-rending are the ones relating to the loss of a child.

When I met Mary from The Hearty Life  I was privileged to hear her share how she coped with life after the stillbirth of her baby Poppy.  Focusing on family and the roller coaster of parenting their two children, Mary and husband Nathan try to make the most of life whilst forever remembering Poppy.  It was this that led to the idea of Poppy’s Gift. Mary felt having a little set of your own hand knitted baby things was a comfort at this terribly sad time, and now they provide handmade hats, cardigans and blankets, to keep the babies born sleeping cosy.

If you know an organisation who would benefit from Poppy’s Gift please let Mary know.

For anyone affected by the loss of a child, support is available.

The Child Death Helpline is for anyone affected by the death of a child of any age, from pre-birth to adult, however recently or long ago. The helpline is staffed by volunteers, they are all bereaved parents who are trained and supported by professional staff.  It is a listening service that offers emotional support, an opportunity to talk in confidence to someone who has also experienced the death of a child.

Open everyday of the year at the following times:

Monday to Sunday                  19.00 to 22.00

Monday, Thursday, Friday    10.00 to 13.00

Tuesday, Wednesday              10.00 to  16.00

It is a freephone number      0800 282 986

freephone for mobiles           0808 800 6019  

I felt it important to share this information, even if it helps just one person.

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12.5p for doing the Laundry !

In the olden days when I was a teen I got pocket money every Thursday. Thursday was payday in the time when everyone was paid weekly and money could be managed far easier than waiting a month for your wage.
Lots of kids got pocket money but what was different about mine was that it was from our next door neighbour Mr B. Now he wasn’t rich, and with 6 kids in the family he never thought he would be, but it was a fun filled noisy house and I was always included.

Mr B worked away all week on the dredgers, clearing the silt from the bottom of the Mersey keeping the sea bed clear for the many vessels using this tidal river. On a Thursday evening he would come home and dole out the pocket money and there was always a ‘half crown’ in the pile for me.
Now we didn’t get this money for nothing, oh no, everyone had a job EVEN ME. With Mr B away all week everyone mucked in. Once a week daughter Susan and I would put the laundry bag on a pushchair and take the washing to the Launderette, we were lucky as we had a modern launderette, our friends not far away still went ‘The Washhouse,’ but we won’t go into that tale.

In the late 1960s we didn’t get sweets regularly and crisps were only available in the pub. We didn’t even get new clothes unless it was christmas, easter or the new school year. So our ‘half crown’ pocket money was a chance to buy a real treat.

The cost of living in 1971

Average salaries were around £2,000 a year in 1971, with the average house selling for £5,632:

First class stamp:  3p

Pint of milk:  6p

Loaf of bread: 9½p

Pint of bitter: 11p

Bunch of bananas: 18p

Packet of cigarettes: 27p

Gallon of petrol: 33p

Ticket to Wembley Cup Final: £2


2 shillings 6pennies (2/-6d)    half a crown.  In 1971 with decimalization this became 12.5p!


Today my half crown would be worth £1.55 in buying power.

Ahh the good old days! Would you give your child £1.55 for doing the laundry?  

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Baby, toddler, teen – Years Fly By


He was such a gorgeous baby, really very cute

Chubby little body, in his baby suit

Then the tearaway toddler, just so full of fun

Climbing, jumping and of course run, run, run

Starting school and making friends, boundless energy never ends

Football, swimming, drumming too, cramming in so much to do

The years have flown I miss them all, so much fun when he was small

Now the independent moody lad, doesn’t need me and that’s sad

I know its normal, so my feelings I’ll shelve

‘Cos after all he’s only 12!


An update to this post. last week was his 13th birthday and we can announce ‘Kevin’ has arrived.

Firstly we had the moaning of ‘you shouldn’t have to go to school on your birthday, can I stay home’. No!

Then ‘I don’t want to go to bed IT’S BORING’  Oh mum’s I hear you sigh longingly at the word ‘Bed’ and the blissfulness that is ‘having nothing to do’.

Last night we had the unwanted discussion of ‘Why get a shower’ which ended in “it’ll only make me hotter, whats the point?”

And this morning I have washed a football kit in 2 parts as I was insistently told  “only the shorts are dirty, there’s nothing else in my laundry bag”  silly me fell for that one.

To finish i’d like to say he doesn’t know I have this blog, if he did I definitely would hear “what you talking about me for?” .

I am now going into a darkened room to prepare for the school report he is bringing home, and if last nights English story writing task is anything to go by I may very well stay there.


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Teens, homework timetables, and restricting technology.

This morning (Sunday, a day of rest!) I have been researching motivation and homework help for teens.

I am losing the will to continue calm cajoling, and am close to screaming and shouting, although it might make me feel better for 5 minutes I know this will get us nowhere.

In my search for a new innovative homework miracle I came across this, not what I was looking for:


Which reminded me!

This year my son has been on his game system more than ever before, he chats with friends and they use it as a social get together in the evening.

Our son is a good student, we’ve always trusted him and he was on track with his grades, but now they have slipped, so it’s time for action.  There are lots of tips but I think this is the one we need to go back to.

Establish a routine. Send the message that schoolwork is a top priority with ground rules like setting a regular time and place each day for homework to be done. And make it clear that there’s no TV, phone calls, video game-playing, etc., until homework is done and checked.

We used to do this, what happened?

When things are going well we can all get a little complacent, relax the rules a bit and forget routine, but at what price.

The important thing is not to panic. Child development experts with the Kids Health website say the good news is, not putting homework as a priority doesn’t mean they lack motivation in general. Teens see things other than schoolwork as being more important, like Social activities. Parents can help by explaining the benefits of why schoolwork needs to take a higher priority over other activities even though it takes time to do.

Teens may need incentives to get them to buckle down and do homework every night. Besides rewarding with treats for completing assignments, make it clear what the consequences will be if they don’t study when supposed to, (no social media usually works).  Making rules for doing homework teaches your teen to be responsible and self-disciplined as you prepare them for life in the real world.

So we have had a discussion and today’s homework and revision has gone well, it has taken up most of his day (including a few breaks) as from now the old regime is back.

teens homework

Now we just need to keep it up until 2016!!


Six Degrees Of Harmony
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Talk about it Tuesday 8/9/15



How did your back to school plans go?  Smoothly I hope.

Our teen was looking forward to going back to school which was good, although I admit I think that was mostly about seeing his friends.

As the day arrived I thought we had everything organised for a smart uniform:  crisp white shirts, polished shoes, a new school bag. …….and then we had ’skinny trouser gate’   the school trousers are not ’skinny’ enough!

So as we start this week I have bought two pairs from Next and returned one, bought a pair from M&S & returned them, we are now waiting for a pair from Topman, and If these aren’t skinny enough I’m buying him leggings.

Hope your cherubs haven’t been so fussy.

This is Talk about it Tuesday tell us what’s been happening in your life.

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