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Week 3 – #project365

Photographs from one day in a week with The boy & Me

Week 3

I decided to stop on my way back from shopping and take a few photo’s by the canal, I’m definitely taking this challenge seriously.

week 3

week 3

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Education – High School

I have updated this post to be part of….

 And then the fun began...

                                                                             ..and the truth is, High Schools are too big.

After attending Parents’ evening at the High School last night I knew what my word of the week would be. With a week of revision ahead of us from a school undergoing changes after a ‘not very good’ OFSTED and meeting a Teacher who actually had a picture of the class in front of her, I yearned for the days when schools were smaller.

So our family will be focussing on this, my word of the week…………..


My son is in year 10, when he started this School it was rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted but I think they have become complacent and teaching has slipped and grades fallen.  Luckily the School has an excellent anti-bullying programme, the children are happy and they love their School, that has been its saving grace.

So an action plan is in place. This week is ‘mocks’  for year 11, but all of the children will be having assessments. The new regime is to have assessments at the end of each term to assess how every child is coping and provide intervention and extra support where needed.

Let’s hope, the only way is up!

What do you think of High Schools?


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