The truth about…Researching your Family Tree

family tree

This is a photograph of an article about my grandfather, my cousin has been researching our family tree and has discovered amazing photographs, articles and poetry from our family history.

I got quite emotional at some of the poetry, others were quite humorous considering he wrote them in a POW camp. This isn’t the whole story regarding my grandfather and the family tree research, there was a lot more we discovered.

We were told our grandfather came back from the war a different person, and you can imagine that to be true. He never settled back into family life and disappeared when my Dad and his sisters were still young. He was never heard of again.

So 50 years later my cousin starts to research our family tree, he is very thorough and really enjoys the research. I was excited as we are apparently related to Oliver Cromwell and I was hoping he would confirm this.

So the research begins and he finds our grandfathers birth certificate, but instead of the expected death certificate he found another marriage licence and the birth records of more children!

We were astounded, our grandfather had another wife, life and  family in London, he never divorced so according to the law he was a bigamist.

To cut a long story short Cousin contacted the London family, they were as shocked as us, they had no idea their Father had another family in Liverpool.

My Aunt has now met her youngest half-brother and they had a lot to talk about, but as their parents, and my father have all passed away there is no one to answer any questions. Especially the one about my aunt having a half-brother 6 months OLDER THAN HER!

And then the fun began...
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BlogOnMosi Bloggers poem


It’s a couple of weeks since we had the fab day at #BlogOnMosi, and as I’ve just received their presentation info from BringDigital it reminded me of what we learnt and shared on the day, including my poem.

You know you’re a blogger

When dinners on the table and your family’s ready to eat
but they can’t touch a morsel till you’ve photo’d it to tweet

And when you’re on a day out & the kids say something funny
you quickly get your pen & ask, say that again for mummy

You’ve seen that nosey neighbour, she’s stared at you before
she’s wondering why there’s always men, with big packages at your door

Some people just don’t get it, but what they don’t see
is what a friendly supportive helpful bunch, a blogging community can be

There’s always someone willing, to share tech advice and tips
and helping you build confidence, to go on blogging trips

So here we are at BlogOn, we’ve heard inspirational people speak
It’s been informative and lots of fun, so can we do it again next week!

Thanks to Laura (TiredMummyOfTwo) for introducing us to pr’s, brands, fun and wonderful blogging friends, all recaptured here.


Prose for Thought


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Talk about it Tuesday.

I’ve been thinking of doing this linky for a while now, somewhere to chat, express opinions, share our achievements, milestones, and even sadness.

But despite whatever the subject matter might be I want it to be a positive page, and posts to hopefully receive some thoughtful and encouraging comments in return.

So get your cuppa and join us for Talk about it Tuesday our virtual chat with a friend.

We may not have all the answers, but you can know that someone has taken the time to read your words, which means you’re not just talking to yourself.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
― Leo Buscaglia

Add a post, and please read as many of the other posts as you can

If you use the hashtag #TalkaiTues I can retweet the posts.

Don’t forget to add the badge to let people know we’re here

The Uncheshire Wife
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It’s a Goaaal!!!

In our house of boys they talk football, play football, and the 26 year old even does it for his job.

With this, and living between the football mad cities of Liverpool and Manchester, I was destined to have a pitch instead of a lawn, but little did I know just how much football would be played on it.

I don’t mind our boy and his friends playing in the garden but they can kick a ball quite far and it often ends up in the neighbours garden, which is a nuisance for them considering they have no young children. What could we do?

I found a solution, Open Goaaal!

 opengoaaal Living in-between Liverpool and Manchester I was destined to have a pitch instead of a lawn. 

This is a goal net with a difference, a background net of 10ft high with the goal set in the centre.  A net far higher than our fence, just what we need.

Lets get started…


We unpacked and laid out the pieces ready, then read the instructions. Watching the online instruction video was a real asset too.

Goal2  goal3

You need to take your time, two people and a couple of hours ensures a sturdy construction.


And before we knew it….



 The weather had been awful the week we were trying to erect the goal, but the boys made the most of it.

Here are some updated action shots now the weather is better. The Goal has been up all winter and is very sturdy.


Thanks for our Open Goaaal it’s an asset in our garden, roll on summer and our usual football tournament.

footy1 footy2

Open Goaal is now on offer here using the following codes

Standard goal £99 vs £149 – Code = FMW199

Large goal £119 vs £165 – Code = FMW1119

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Council closes Library, community re-open it


When Councils were forced to make cuts Warrington Council announced the closure of Grappenhall Library. After the shock announcement the local community and residents decided to take matters into their own hands, they applied to run the library themselves.

In no time volunteers formed the Friends of Grappenhall Library and campaigned to take ownership of the building.

Eventually winning their campaign and receiving the keys they then raised money to make some much needed alterations, started collecting a good mix of books and organised volunteers for all the various roles.


It is now a registered charity and a busy community hub, able to offer far more than the library ever did.

There are lots of groups including mums and tots, reading groups, the monthly police community surgery, an exercise class and a meeting place for groups such as the WI.

The library also provides lots of information relating to what’s on in and around the area, and signposts other community groups and services.


The library is run completely by volunteers, running costs are funded by donations, by fundraising and by fees raised from memberships of Friends of Grappenhall Library which  are £10 per year.

The library is also available to hire for events, meetings and groups, this also brings in funding.

The Friends of Grappenhall Library have done a wonderful job, it is a very welcoming building with friendly faces waiting to greet and help new comers, and what’s more you can have tea and cake while you’re there.

If you would like to volunteer or know more, visit the website and see whats on.



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