Transporting a puppy in the car safely


You may have heard we have a new puppy, he has stolen our hearts and has us running rings around him. Which is exactly the opposite of the advice we were given from the animal rescue centre.

Our puppy has been chipped and has had his first vaccinations done by the centre, but this week he needed his final vaccination so we all planned a trip to the Vet surgery, even the teenager said he was coming with us.

We have spent quite a bit already despite the rescue centre providing some essentials.  We still need to organise pet insurance and as we’re looking for the cheapest car insurance we thought we might find a deal somewhere, but at the moment we have the free 4 weeks from our vet.

Now the teenager was expecting to sit on the back seat with the dog on his lap but safety conscious husband said no, we have to buy a pet carrier. Where we live the roads are either wide expressways or narrow winding lanes and some people seem to drive the same no matter what road they’re on.

We don’t need any mishaps from a puppy jumping round on the back seat and causing distractions, we had enough of that when the boys were younger, at least the puppy won’t want the radio station changed every five minutes.

Pet carriers are inexpensive which surprised me, ours was on offer at £11 and we are able to secure it with a seat belt, nobody wants a pet carrier flying forward if there’s an emergency stop. It also has a small top opening hatch if you need to soothe your puppy on the drive.

puppy and pet carrier

How do you transport your pets safely when driving?

This is a collaboration

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This September ‘Bag it Beat it’ for the British Heart Foundation

british heart foundation bags

Have you ever had to wear a heart monitor? It’s not the best fashion accessory, and after three days of being restricted to one quick shower it can be a necessary nuisance.

Severe palpitations had led to tests to check my Rheumatoid Arthritis wasn’t affecting my major organs. An ECG, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, a  scan and then the monitor to wear, resulting in a consultation to review readings.

Luckily I was fine, but I was amazed at the tests available as the first line in detecting any defect or abnormality in the heart.

All of these tests are available on the NHS through a GP, and they are all done quickly, detecting heart problems early can save lives.

The British Heart Foundation  is the nations  largest independent funder of cardiovascular research, and because of this most babies born today with heart defects survive. And as I watch my young cousin excitedly go off to University 18 years after having heart surgery when born I am thankful for this research, but there’s a lot more to be done:

Coronary heart disease is still the UK’s single biggest killer, surgery techniques can still be improved, and there are exciting developments in genetics and stem cell technology yet to be found and YOU CAN HELP.

heart foundation bag it beat it logo

This September take part in Bag it.Beat it.  the nationwide bag donation challenge to collect stock for British Heart Foundation shops. So whether you’re a wardrobe stuffer, a CD collector or a shoe hoarder, you can help fund vital research.

Simply donate your stuff, or organise a Bag it Beat it bag drive.
and challenge your friends, family and colleagues to clear the clutter by filling bags with good quality unwanted clothes, shoes, books, handbags, DVDs, CDs, bric-a-brac and children’s toys. They’ll even come and collect your donations for free.

Why don’t you join in, what better reason could there be to have a clear out in time for Christmas.




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Puppy power Laurel Animal Rescue

Laurel animal rescue puppies

When this line up was posted on social media in hope of finding a new home over 4000 people replied, and how could you not!

Teddy, Ronnie, Ralf and Oscar were four boys from a litter of seven puppies being re-homed by Laurel Animal Rescue, previously neglected they were now cared for, clean and raring to go.

I came across this photo when looking at information on buying a dog. After 12 years we felt we were ready to get the dog our teenager had always wanted, so I decided to send an email.

I needed my email to stand out so I wrote about our family, our garden, who would be at home all day and how we had seriously considered getting a puppy, and are so looking forward to the challenge.

We got a reply

After a questionnaire and then a home check visit we were invited to visit Ralf, the remaining puppy, at his foster home. Laurel Animal Rescue dogs stay in temporary foster homes until they find a family.

Well, here he is, our new puppy Ralf and we all love him already

Ralf the puppy in his basket  Ralf the puppy running in the garden

Thanks to the non-profit Laurel Animal Rescue for their dedication to caring for animals and finding them new homes with people that will love and care for them.

Laurel Animal Rescue runs on donations and fundraising, if you’d like to help please visit their Facebook page.


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Nursery Nightmare, child safety

Nursery Nightmare

There are lots of discussions going on at the moment about working mums and the need for affordable childcare. With the average cost of a day nursery being £177 per week per child (much more in London)  parents need to seriously look at their pay and circumstances before making a decision to stay in work after having a child.

After deciding nursery is for you next comes the choice, and really you only have your feelings and instinct to go on. As we have seen in the news even with Ofsted registration nurseries with all the right credentials are only as good as the staff running them.

This is what happened at a nursery in Cheshire.

A 3 year old girl escaped from a nursery unnoticed and walked half a mile home. She walked along a wooded path, past a pub, a shop and the path she followed is quite hidden from view. I imagine the thoughts that are flying through your mind at this moment, add to them her walk was in the vicinity of a canal. Luckily she arrived home safely knocking on the door shouting “Mummy I’m home”.

How did this happen?  The child went to the toilet alone, not unusual I imagine for a  3 year old but the school and nursery are undergoing some work and workmen were in and out of the buildings, that in itself should be enough reason to accompany a lone child. There are 11 staff for 40 children and when the child left the nursery no-one noticed she was missing until a headcount, by that time she had arrived home and her mother had contacted the staff office. It is believed she walked out through a door and gate left open by workmen.

The privately run nursery which is attached to a school have all declined to comment and Ofsted investigated. This nursery has been previously praised for its wide range of activities and effective policies for safeguarding children, but policies need to be acted upon every day there is no room to be complacent.

Although this happened under circumstances different to the usual running of the nursery  staff can get into a routine and things become lax when everything usually runs smoothly, and obviously no extra provision was put in place.  The local council provided advice and support to the nursery and I imagine staff will be more alert and will review procedures after their shake up.


Six Degrees Of Harmony
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Radio plays, museum days and skeletons #littleloves

This is the first time I’ve joined in with #littleloves so I’ve chosen a few snippets from my week.


I am reading The Inheritance by Tilly Bagshaw on a new Kindle. Having finished a book and wanting another immediately I decided to replace my Kindle. Mine was so old it wouldn’t recharge and the software went out of date so the LovetoShop voucher that’s been lying in the study has now been put to use.

a kindle e-reader


I donned a hard hat and went to watch the final stages of Norton Priory’s new museum building renovation. It was very exciting and great to be involved.

building site


I love radio plays, especially vintage crime drama. My favourite is Paul Temple and I love the language they use  “Cripes Steve, watch out for that hoodlum with a gun”.  At the moment I’m listening to Raffles – The Chest of Silver, which is a 1985 production.

Radio 4 play, The Chest of Silver


My friend has had a glass splash back made for her kitchen, it’s the Liverpool waterfront, a place close to our hearts as it is our home town. I love it and it looks fab.

glass splash back showing Liverpool waterfront


I have found the most comfortable flip-flops, they have a low wedge which is perfect for my arthritic feet as I cannot wear flat shoes. An absolute bargain from Amazon and very pretty.

sparkly flip flops

…and lastly

We have been back to Norton Priory to the open evening as the Museum opens this weekend, the collection looks amazing and a fab venue for families.

museum artefact skeleton

Don’t kids just love a Skeleton.


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