Beating PTSD, from Afghanistan to Archery

How many times have we heard exercise is good for the mind as well as the body.  That’s all well but what if you want to exercise but you’re not into running, going the gym or don’t quite feel bendy enough for yoga.

Well, I’ve found a fab solution for all ages that is engaging, fun and helps build more than just muscle, ARCHERY!


A new club is up and running in Cheshire, Kyujutsu Archery runs from 12pm on Sunday’s at Brookvale Recreation Centre starting with taster sessions/beginners and leading through to experienced club members. Continue reading

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Climate change, conversation and cake with the WI

Over the past 100 years the Women’s Institute has supported women and society. They have fought to bring issues to the public and campaign for change to better our communities.

Having started in rural communities and protecting the landscape they are now using their influence and rallying against climate change.

climate change poster

The WI joined a week of action and held a Climate Change event. People all over the UK have been lobbying MPs in their local area to show them why we would like them to take action to protect our community from the impacts of climate change.

All this will involve MPs so that politicians see, feel and hear how much their constituents care about what we could lose to climate change.

I went to an event held by a local WI which had stands from groups showing how we are working towards climate change now and how you can help.


Finding out about wind power and turning waste into energy. And how using art, gardening, and creativity, can make a difference in your town.

Further afield Christian Aid are supporting Butterfly farms in the Philippines. Due to Typhoons this is a more sustainable type of farming and the Butterflies are sold around the world. butterfly farms in the Philippines

‘Butterflies are also easy to protect during typhoons. The farmers have special cages in which they can quickly bring the butterflies into their home when the winds and rains begin.‘Butterfly farming is good for the environment. The plants that butterflies need grow very well here. It means more plants, more butterflies, more flowers, more bees and insects. Butterflies help with cross-pollination which produces more flowers and fruit, so this is good for the health of the family too.’

It was a very interesting and informative event which two local MP’s attended and of course the WI put on a fabulous spread of cake as you would expect.

WI table of cakes

And thanks to Caketoppers for their donation of climate change cupcakes, some of which we kept for our visiting MP’s.

climate change cup cakes

Did you #SpeakUp and join in a week of Action?


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Hotter boots are made for walking

Having Arthritis I struggle with what I can wear on my feet. I love shoes and boots but am restricted with heel heights and widths, which makes shoe shopping no fun. Often I find comfort and fashion don’t go together, well, Hotter Shoes show they do.

I was invited to Hotter Shoes Chester store to find out about the company and see if I could  find a perfect pair of boots and have my #hottermoment.

I discussed my issues with assistant Sarah who advised me on fit and helped me choose Charlie boots, these are Chelsea boots with a zip, making them so easy to get on.

I love the gunmetal suede, and the chunky sole and heel make them perfect for me. I was surprised by the comfortable moulded sole which supported my heel without the addition of my usual insert.

Charlie boots by Hotter Shoes

This was my first day of wearing Hotter boots.

My day began with a trip to the children’s centre with a collection of winter coats which my 6ft teenager has outgrown.

winter coats for donation to the children centre

Then off to grocery shopping, another good hour on my feet here.


Having painful sensitive feet I usually feel every stone and grain of gravel but the chunky soles on my Charlie boots saved me from this…

Hotter shoes nd walking on gravel

After calling home to collect the dog we went for a walk around the grounds of Norton Priory, and through the Medieval Undercroft with its Victorian tile addition.

hotter shoes and victorian tiled floor
And here we are back home, a cup of tea and still wearing the boots. It is true, the Hotter Comfort Concept really exists.

mr and the dog

Thanks Hotter Shoes for the gift of my fab boots, my feet are very grateful.


Diary of an imperfect mum


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Underfloor heating, an asset in winter.

When we decided to open up the kitchen into the small conservatory on the back of the house we worried about heating and keeping it warm in winter. Although we have a south facing garden the winter evenings are chilly so we did some research.

kitchen leading into conservatory extension with underfloor heating

We decided on underfloor heating. The conservatory was already built so we choose low level heating that wouldn’t affect the floor height and was compatible with laminate flooring. We felt laminate was more suitable for boys playing in the kitchen using the floor for indoor football, car games and lego building.

My husband planned the layout covering the whole space. We have a timer for winter and a quick on/off switch for immediate use, you can see it neatly on the wall above. The flooring doesn’t take long to heat at all as the concrete floor below had been fully insulated before the system was laid.

We know underfloor heating has added value to our home, is this something you have considered?

What do you think, add your views to this SURVEY and help by sharing your thoughts.

As we come up to winter make the most of your rooms with good heating systems, you can view different systems here.



This is a collaboration, all words and opinions are my own.

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Transporting a puppy in the car safely


You may have heard we have a new puppy, he has stolen our hearts and has us running rings around him. Which is exactly the opposite of the advice we were given from the animal rescue centre.

Our puppy has been chipped and has had his first vaccinations done by the centre, but this week he needed his final vaccination so we all planned a trip to the Vet surgery, even the teenager said he was coming with us.

We have spent quite a bit already despite the rescue centre providing some essentials.  We still need to organise pet insurance and as we’re looking for the cheapest car insurance we thought we might find a deal somewhere, but at the moment we have the free 4 weeks from our vet.

Now the teenager was expecting to sit on the back seat with the dog on his lap but safety conscious husband said no, we have to buy a pet carrier. Where we live the roads are either wide expressways or narrow winding lanes and some people seem to drive the same no matter what road they’re on.

We don’t need any mishaps from a puppy jumping round on the back seat and causing distractions, we had enough of that when the boys were younger, at least the puppy won’t want the radio station changed every five minutes.

Pet carriers are inexpensive which surprised me, ours was on offer at £11 and we are able to secure it with a seat belt, nobody wants a pet carrier flying forward if there’s an emergency stop. It also has a small top opening hatch if you need to soothe your puppy on the drive.

puppy and pet carrier

How do you transport your pets safely when driving?

This is a collaboration

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