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When my son was born it was a bit of a trauma, emergency caesarean, general anaesthetic, baby a bit premature and me a bit ill. My husband stood alone in the corridor at midnight while I was whisked off one way, our baby another.

premature baby

Fast forward 24 hours and baby boy is in an incubator improving by the minute. It took 3 days for me to improve enough to see him for the first time, which is something that still bothers me 14 years on.

My boy is now a healthy sporty bean pole despite his dramatic entry into the world, but I still remember the worry while he was in special baby care.

Monday 17 November marked World Prematurity Day,

1 in every 13 babies are born prematurely in the UK each year around 60,000 births, and they frequently need monitoring and support in hospital for days, weeks or even months. Premature babies haven’t finished growing and the earlier they are born, the more likely they are to experience health issues such as chronic lung disease or bowel problems, and to struggle with feeding and keeping warm.

1 in 5 parents of premature babies are afraid to tell family and friends their baby has arrived so baby charity Tommy’s have come up with a FREE APP to help parents.

The Tommy’s My Premature Baby App has been designed in consultation with mums and dads of premature babies. It will act as a companion for parents, giving them practical advice and insight through those early days on the Neonatal Unit or Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), it’s features include:

  • Tommy’s expert Having a Premature Baby Guide, available in an easily searchable format
  • A diary feature, allowing parents to record their baby’s progress, significant milestones such as coming off breathing support, and their own thoughts and feelings.
  • Users will also be able to search for other people’s prematurity diaries on the app.
  • The ability to plot weight and height on development charts customised for premature babies
  • The ability to record times, amounts and types of feeding and set alarms for breast feeding or expressing
  • A sharing function, so that baby’s pictures and progress can be shared easily with loved ones or shared more widely via Facebook.
  • A Finding Friends feature. Mums and dads can enter their own postcode and contact other local parents by email who have been through the prematurity journey.

Tommy’s My Premature Baby App is free of charge and available for download from Monday 17 November from

Please spread the word and help support parents of premature babies.

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Community Radio, live and local.

 Community Radio

Does your local community have its own Radio station?

I recently went to see a studio and learn more about the station, which is a non-profit organisation run and supported entirely by Volunteers and donations.

HCR 92.3, as it is known in Radio world, is totally about it’s presenters and the community, with shows covering a wide range of chat, musical tastes and genres.

The presenters are from all walks of life, all ages, and with no previous experience. Training given for a role at the station builds confidence, communication skills and encourages teamwork.

Community stations fill the gap between national and commercial, and reflects the needs and interests of its audience, including a  mixture of news and information programmes encouraging conversation and discussion about the area and what affects the local  community.

The show I sat in on was The Voluntary Sector, two hours of news and information about local groups, what’s going on and who needs help. A mix of music, information and chatty phone interviews with local charities and support groups all spreading the word of how they can be of help. It was an amazing experience and after thinking I wouldn’t actually join in I too added my comments, it’s definitely something I would do again.

Matt from HCR explains, most people who are interested say ‘ I don’t know if  I can do it” but we always say give it a go.

There are lots of ways to get involved:

Anyone over 18 can train to be a presenter, this station would like to include more females, and a foreign language programme would be very welcome.

A suggestion from independent regulator Ofcom about children’s programming has led to an idea of recording people reading their favourite children’s  story which will then be broadcast.

If you would like to share your views and interests with the community and get involved in your local radio station, have a look online and maybe you could record your favourite children’s story.

You can find community station information here. 

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It’s a Goaaal!!!

In our house of boys they talk football, play football, and the 26 year old even does it for his job.

With this, and living between the football mad cities of Liverpool and Manchester, I was destined to have a pitch instead of a lawn, but little did I know just how much football would be played on it.

I don’t mind our boy and his friends playing in the garden but they can kick a ball quite far and it often ends up in the neighbours garden, which is a nuisance for them considering they have no young children. What could we do?

I found a solution, Open Goaaal!

 opengoaaal Living in-between Liverpool and Manchester I was destined to have a pitch instead of a lawn. 

This is a goal net with a difference, a background net of 10ft high with the goal set in the centre.  A net far higher than our fence, just what we need.

Lets get started…


We unpacked and laid out the pieces ready, then read the instructions. Watching the online instruction video was a real asset too.



You need to take your time, two people and a couple of hours ensures a sturdy construction.



And before we knew it….



 The weather had been awful the week we were trying to erect the goal, but the boys made the most of it.

I went into the neighbours garden to take a photo of their view of the net.


The net is so unobtrusive they hadn’t noticed it was there.

Open Goaaal is going to be an asset in our garden, roll on summer and our usual football tournament.

footy1 footy2

Disclosure: We were sent an Open Goaaal for the purpose of review. All views are my own, and this is an honest account of our experience.

Family Fever
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