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Saturday 6 – Parenting articles from the news this week

Lots of family and parenting stories in the news this week, from breastfeeding to baby boomers, hospital to home birth, if you missed them here’s my mixed pick of the week.


With breastfeeding in the news again this article on separating breastfeeding facts from fiction is very topical. Is breast milk best?

Read the facts. The two milks are very different. Formula is essentially cows milk, and may contain around 30 beneficial ingredients. While breast milk has about 300.



When documentary-maker Amanda Burrell turned 42, she set herself a task: to decide whether to freeze her eggs. What she didn’t expect? To go through the process in front of a camera crew. Here, she tells her story…



 As the christmas party season approaches what are your rules with teens?

A recent poll by the charity Drinkaware found that nearly half of parents felt comfortable giving their teenagers — aged between 14 and 17 — alcohol to take to a party, even though it is illegal to buy alcohol for anyone under 18.

Having a nearly 15 year old I wouldn’t feel comfortable, what do you think?  Have a read..



From  the minute I was pregnant I put myself under the pressure of  wanting to                 ‘do the right thing’ but home birth was never my option and that was fine, but what if you were put under pressure by others as Rosie Mortimer recalls..



New figures show how the notion of 2.4 children has been consigned to the history books but younger couples are having bigger families again, the ‘baby boomer’ generation of small families is over. Is this good news, what do you think? 



With the new Government changes regarding paternity leave how do you think men feel?  Apparently most men don’t want it..



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Christmas Tree – Christmas Boutique

Well, we’ve put the tree up, a week earlier than usual but my Son was looking a little worried. I can’t blame him, he remembers I was out buying a christmas tree the day before Christmas Eve last year.

It wasn’t that we didn’t have a tree, but my twiggy stylish Scandi chic design wasn’t what the boy wanted.

“That’s not a christmas tree” he declared.


This year I’m more prepared.

Now we have two trees in the house I have been looking for  decorations and  thanks to Christmas Boutique  I’ve found items to suit everyone.

My inspiration was last years cute handmade reindeer.


I wanted decorations to add to the rustic feel of our living room, with a wood burner and logs beside the fire the room has a natural feel.

This is what I chose, all natural materials, laser cut wood, a bit of metal, and cosy felt. They all look fab.

tree decorations

One of my favourite items have been the small linen gift bags, big enough for sweet treats on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.


The Christmas Boutique have stock to suit every style. Ornaments and decorations sourced from around the globe all available in one place. So if you’re looking for something different pop over, you may even grab a bargain.


We're going on an adventure

Disclosure: we received christmas boutique items for review purposes. All words and photos are my own.

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