Canal Boat Adventure Project


The other half and his friends have just returned from their trip to Llangollen, not going by 40 minute car journey they chose the canal route and took a leisurely 6 days to get there on a Narrowboat.  They had a fab time, and despite the mixed weather they achieved their goal of taking the boat over the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct 126 ft above the River Dee, and they loved it.

People often ask us about our boat and talk about the idea of a leisurely cruise to a pub on a sunny day, or a few days travelling through beautiful countryside.  But you don’t need your own boat to do this,  you can hire a boat and support a charity at the same time.


The Canal Boat Adventure Project based on the Bridgewater Canal in Cheshire, operates three canal boats all providing a place of support for vulnerable young people. Young people affected by crime, domestic abuse & bullying are encouraged to identify barriers to achievement in their lives and develop skills and confidence to address these.

Boat residential trips  teach them about teamwork, supports their learning for GCSE’s with revision groups and teaches skills for independent living. They receive support, advice and information about careers and help to achieve their goals.

This project really works, young people have produced groundbreaking results, from obtaining university places and “proper jobs”, to winning national and regional awards for citizenship; they have demonstrated that young people described as failures or “neet” have latent talents.

The success of this project is due to the fact that young people are given power to plan their own learning programmes and adults work in equal partnership with them. The CBAP is a charity managed by a full time volunteer and overheads are low, meaning all funds raised are invested in young people.

They raise funds by hiring out their boats, and arranging boat trips for schools and community organisations.

Their boat ADA was recently involved in Bridgewater  Disability Day, the classroom boat was the base for children’s crafts.

Canal boat crafts

Do you have a small charity that makes a big difference in your area?

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A day for family memories

Nearly everyone in Liverpool has some connection to Hillsborough, if they didn’t lose a friend or family member then they know someone who did, as did my family

When young my Dad was in the Merchant Navy, I remember my Mum had a little vanity case of photos and postcards sent from all over the world and I loved to look through the case and glimpse their life and friends, which looked so glamorous.

With weddings and children people moved away, inevitably the contact dwindled, and though old friends were often remembered they were seldom seen as life got in the way.

I remember seeing my Mum and Dad upset, making plans to get the bus back to North Liverpool where they lived as a young couple, after about 25 years they were going to see their friends, and it wouldn’t be a happy reunion.

Their friends son, the same age as me and named after my dad,  died at Hillsborough and although I never really knew him I feel a connection, through my parents and a little vanity case of postcards and photos.

My parents aren’t here to hear the outcome of the Inquest, but maybe they’re listening with the boy they knew.

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Canal paths – share the space campaign

You may have seen on the news the campaign by the Canal and River Trust asking for canal path users to be a bit more respectful of each other when they share the space.

Canal & River Trust is calling for the reintroduction of old-fashioned manners to preserve the peace.

During 2015, 385 million visits were made to the towpaths prompting the call for visitors to help protect the special atmosphere which has made these spaces so popular.


When out on the boat recently my husband spotted a scrambler bike on the towpath ahead, he shouted a warning over to a family taking a walk and they pulled the youngsters in close as the bike passed by. This is unusual, and illegal, but canal towpaths have never been busier and it seems there is a need for the return of some old fashioned etiquette.

If you’re on the towpath and you see special polite signs, feel free to follow their instructions and say Hi to passers by.


The Canal & River Trust remind us, In some areas the canal towpath might be the only piece of green space providing some peace and calm through the centre of a busy city. Keep it a calm and peaceful place.

“Whether cycling, running, walking, mooring your boat or fishing, please help by being considerate of others, slowing down and remembering we are all there to enjoy the space. If you’re in a rush, the towpath is not the best place for you so please choose a different route.”

Share the space, drop your pace.

Share the space – towpaths are popular places to be enjoyed by everyone. Please be mindful of others, keep dogs under control, and clean up after them.

Drop your pace – pedestrians have priority on our towpaths so be ready to slow down; if you’re in a hurry, consider using an alternative route for your journey.

Do you have a canal walk where you live?

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Fantastic services, fantastic carpet

When you live in a house of boys having a beige stair carpet is something you need to keep an eye on, no shoes upstairs and wiping up drink spills is a must.

I can’t complain though, the carpet is older than our youngest teen and except for needing a good clean it’s in perfect condition. So when Fantastic Services opened up their North West branch of a one-stop shop for home services I was thrilled to test drive a carpet clean for them.

I organised mine over the phone but you can also choose and book your service online.

So back to the carpet clean……


The team arrived on time and started to set up the machinery, the bulk of which stays outside. They were very professional right down to their covered footwear, and I have to say they were the loveliest people.

Our stairs and landing had a good scrub.

We knew the carpet would be slightly damp for a while so we left open a window for ventilation and by morning our carpet was dry.


I cannot convey how good our carpet looks, I wish I’d taken a few close ups of the marks but I didn’t want you to see how scruffy it looked, happy to take close ups now though.

Thanks again Fantastic Services  for enabling me to review this service. I would highly recommend them and the hall smells lovely, what more could you want.

What do you need doing in your home?

Enjoy 10 GBP OFF on your first service with Promo Code: UNCHESH10. Terms & Conditions: Minimum charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage. Cannot be combined with other offers and discounts. Valid till 30th June, 2016.

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Make time for tea & the eve appeal

This weekend I have been to a local event supporting The Eve Appeal. These events are more than supporting a good cause, it’s also a chance to meet people and have some fun.

On Saturday morning I went over to Urban Cafe to take part in a fundraiser for The Eve Appeal who help raise awareness and fund research into Gynaecological cancers.


March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Every year in the UK over 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and around 4,200 will die – ovarian cancer accounts for more UK deaths than all the other gynaecological cancers put together.

The event was part of the Make Time for Tea in Ovarian Cancer awareness month. One of the highlights at the event was a local community Ukulele band which had everyone joining in their sing-a-long.


It was a fun social event which raised over £300 pounds.

Why don’t you Make time for Tea and support The Eve Appeal

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