Radio plays, museum days and skeletons #littleloves

This is the first time I’ve joined in with #littleloves so I’ve chosen a few snippets from my week.


I am reading The Inheritance by Tilly Bagshaw on a new Kindle. Having finished a book and wanting another immediately I decided to replace my Kindle. Mine was so old it wouldn’t recharge and the software went out of date so the LovetoShop voucher that’s been lying in the study has now been put to use.

a kindle e-reader


I donned a hard hat and went to watch the final stages of Norton Priory’s new museum building renovation. It was very exciting and great to be involved.

building site


I love radio plays, especially vintage crime drama. My favourite is Paul Temple and I love the language they use  “Cripes Steve, watch out for that hoodlum with a gun”.  At the moment I’m listening to Raffles – The Chest of Silver, which is a 1985 production.

Radio 4 play, The Chest of Silver


My friend has had a glass splash back made for her kitchen, it’s the Liverpool waterfront, a place close to our hearts as it is our home town. I love it and it looks fab.

glass splash back showing Liverpool waterfront


I have found the most comfortable flip-flops, they have a low wedge which is perfect for my arthritic feet as I cannot wear flat shoes. An absolute bargain from Amazon and very pretty.

sparkly flip flops

…and lastly

We have been back to Norton Priory to the open evening as the Museum opens this weekend, the collection looks amazing and a fab venue for families.

museum artefact skeleton

Don’t kids just love a Skeleton.


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Kids Paracetamol dosage changes not shown on tablets

box of paracetamol tablets

One of the good things about having teenage kids is they don’t bring the sick bugs home often like little kids do.

So last weekend when we were all sick, starting with the teenager, it was a bit of a shock as we’d all forgotten how horrible ’throwing up’ can be.

I took care of the teen & the hub who both had headaches with their bug, as usual Paracetamol saved the day and 24 hours later all was well.

So when I was listening to the consumer programme You & Yours on Radio4 I was astounded  to hear a Mother relaying her shock at discovering she had technically overdosed her 12 year old daughter on Paracetamol!  She had no idea the dosage had changed for older children and neither did I.

Apparently in 2011 the dosage was changed on bottled Paracetamol to narrow the bands for a more accurate dosage relating to size and weight of children, but they were not changed on tablet form.

This was under the presumption that children age 0 – 16 only take liquid Paracetamol which isn’t always the case and hasn’t been for a while in our house.

The tablet labelling was to be phased in and now five years later manufacturers have until the end of December 2016 to update the dosage guidance on tablet boxes.  You can find the new guidelines on the NHS website.

The experts say, although this has caused confusion there would be no harm caused in following the old guideline,  but the new instructions are more tailored to suit children.

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Midwife mishaps and miracles

baby in incubator

When I went into the maternity hospital in 2000 I wasn’t particularly worried,  how things can change in a matter of hours.

Originally my consultant had agreed caesarean would be best due to my Arthritis but some Midwife decided she knew better. It’s a long story but I can still hear a shrill scream and find it hard to believe it was from me.

Eventually I had the caesarean with general anaesthetic, everything was last minute, it was now an emergency despite being in the hospital 12 hours.

My husband said I was rushed one way, our baby boy another on his way to Special Baby Care. I remember the Anaesthetists coming to see how I was, I thought that was routine only  learning later they had trouble inserting the breathing tubes.

Luckily, and I believe it was luck, we both recovered from the ordeal and my son thrived.

Those first days in the hospital were a struggle for me, I didn’t see my baby until he was 3 days old, my husband (a counsellor) believes I had PTSD after the birth.

We’re 16 years on now and except for monthly check-ups in the first 12 months of his life my son has been fine, which is a miracle.

My husband works in bereavement care and we know what happened to us has happened to others, and some have had the devastating outcome of losing their child.

I often thought of going back and asking questions, there are points throughout the day where I believe errors were made but luckily we had a happy outcome, but what about those who didn’t.

Today it’s more common to find help to support you when asking the questions I didn’t ask, especially at a time when you can’t think straight but you believe there was failure or neglect in your care.

If you think there was neglect then there may be additional support you can get. Specialist companies like First4SeriousInjury can help you understand whether you are eligible for compensation and support you through the process, compensation can be an important part of getting your life back on track especially in cases where you or your child may have been left with serious health complications.

My son had Meconium Aspiration and although the quick transfer to SCBU and a ventilator meant he had no permanent issues I won’t forget that in our circumstances it was an error of judgement by one Midwife that led us to this situation.


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Volunteer, it’s good for you – Cancer support

cancer support logo

When I go out on a Tuesday afternoon I go to spend time with some lovely people and have a chat, cup of tea and quite often we have CAKE.  How nice is that?

The unusual bit about my social afternoon is the reason I am there, I am a volunteer and this group is run by a Cancer  Support Centre.

Centres of this type are often set up by an individual who has suffered in some way relating to cancer and usually because there is not enough support outside the clinical environment.

Typically a centre provides a community based welcoming environment where emotional and psychological support is available for people who have been touched by cancer. They offer counselling, advice and information, and complementary therapies  as well as workshops and exercise classes.

Anyone who has been affected by cancer or by the suffering of a friend or relative is welcome at our local Centre.  Friendly staff and volunteers are available to listen with a cuppa and a smile. You can choose to get involved, or just drop in when you feel like a friendly chat and most of the services are completely free of charge.

They have lots of volunteers, most people who visit the centre for support often return to offer their help in some way. Many support centres are self funded and rely on fundraising and grant applications, we also have some support from the local council too.

It’s a very positive environment and I think people return to show their support and thanks for ‘being there’ at a time when everything looked bleak.

There are lots of causes waiting for willing volunteers, you can find somewhere to use the skills you have or you can learn something new.

Have a look for your local volunteer agency or approach an organisation that is close to your heart, and of course it’s a great way to gain confidence  if you’re looking for paid employment.


Diary of an imperfect mum
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Help charity, save money, shop with Halfords promo codes

Road bike from Halfords

Our teenager has just turned 16, when we were talking about birthday presents it seems there isn’t a lot a teenager wants once they have a phone, mostly it’s clothes. But the one thing he has updated throughout his growing years is the bike.

We’ve gone from tiny tricycles through to a BMX with stunt peg attachments and now we’re on to road bikes.

The first place we start to look is Halfords, I don’t need to spend a fortune on a bike for a boy who isn’t going to be travelling miles and using it everyday, but we do need good quality and of course fussy teenagers like style.

I’ve recently discovered we can get money off Halfords purchases by using Halfords discount codes,  an initiative by My Favourite Voucher Codes who donate 20% of profits to charity.

As a supporter of charities I think this is a great idea and so easy to donate, all you need to do is shop through the site and a donation is made from all the purchases. The charities are chosen by you, I’ve just voted for Children’s Arthritis Association as it’s close to my heart being a sufferer myself.

As we all break up for summer and are hoping to be outdoors in good weather have a look at the many current promotional codes for Halfords

This summer: have fun, save money, support a charity.


This is a collaboration.

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