Christmas crisis contrast


As some of the people of Stockton Heath rant and rave about the shabby village square christmas tree and demand a new one, a couple of miles down the road in Warrington Town Centre there is a more substantial crisis.

An outreach programme that offered a lifeline to rough sleepers has had it’s funding withdrawn by the council.

The service provided by Brighter Futures has been running in Warrington for 3 years. Over this time the rough sleeper team used their specialist knowledge and skills to provide an excellent service.

Working closely with street wardens, PCSO’s and other professionals they were able to put together support packages to help resolve the issues that led to homelessness and successfully helping over 250 individuals.

This service benefitted the whole town centre as it also resulted in a decrease of anti-social behaviour.

Now the funding has been cut, who will provide support and information this winter to rough sleepers as we approach Christmas, I hope the council have a plan that works.

But hey not to worry, at least the village square has a new tree!

Please support a charity this Christmas

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Do something different on a weekend away

When you’re on a visit to a fabulous city like Liverpool there’s so much to see and do. There are  museums galore, cathedrals, architecture and fab shopping but how about finding somewhere a bit different.

Tucked 10 minutes away from the big tourist attractions of The Albert Dock and Liverpool One is a transformed industrial area called The Baltic Triangle.

What was once part of the historical thriving port is now a creative hub for arts, crafts, culture, and fabulous food.

The converted warehouses hold the most interesting places and there’s something for everyone, one of those places being The Button Boutique, a gorgeous fun place to visit for children and adults.

different button boutique

Providing arts and crafts tailored to their visitors The Button Boutique provides a fun day or night out.

From kids crafts with afternoon tea…

different the button boutique

…to Hen nights, with a cheeky difference

different the button boutique

If you’re planning a weekend stay in Liverpool with family or friends add The Button Boutique to your places to visit.

And if you’re looking for a fab Santa visit with festive food and crafts there’s nowhere better.


Are you planning a city break soon?

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Tiny little devil

There’s a tiny little devil that lives inside your home

It portrays itself as a piece of fun but it is often known

That when you are most vulnerable especially at night

It’s waiting in the shadow and is ready for a fight

Bam! it strikes so quickly and you feel the searing pain

Sometimes there’s a bunch of them and they can strike again

So beware this plastic nightmare, parents know it’s true

This danger’s unavoidable, lego’s out to ambush you



Prose for Thought
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Mum on a mission as Queen of clean,

What is your luxury?  Is it a gorgeous bag,  designer shoes, or a beauty spa treatment. We all have our favourites and do you know what mine is….. getting the house cleaned!

I know that might sound daft, but who wouldn’t love coming home to a sparkling professionally cleaned house.

I suppose it’s partly due to me having arthritis, only being able to work in short bursts there’s always something that has to be left till another day, not so when the cleaner’s been.

When the house has been fully cleaned it’s easy for me to keep on top of it for a little while,  but that means I don’t need to commit to a set weekly clean and it can be quite difficult to organise at random.

So when I saw this on Instagram…..


                 …. I was really intrigued and sent a message

I discovered The Laundry Queen is a working Mum who has set up a business that works around her family,  using her love of cleaning and tidying that friends always commented on, she decided to put her skills to work.

Starting out on her own and having ZERO advertising budget  she needed to spread the word and find the clients in the quickest way?  She tried social media and it’s working!

Advertising booking options through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or text, and with as many payment options including the very easy Paypal, bookings are flying in.


The Laundry Queen went beyond the usual cleaning route. Offering a laundry service and cleaning at your convenience, coming fully equipped and ready to tackle whatever you’ve booked be it an interior window clean, to the popular success of the one we all hate, oven cleaning!


If you’re in Liverpool or surrounding areas follow the Laundry Queen, I can highly recommend the service and the best way of booking a cleaner ever.


This is not a sponsored post


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In sadness and sorrow a stolen tomorrow

No lifetime of dreams, ideas or schemes
No plans or adventures to take to extremes
No future to plan nor memories to make
All lost in that instant your life they did take
Nine days in Iraq, and then you were gone
In sadness and sorrow we’re nine years on
You loved what you did and would have no regret
We’ll honour you always and will never forget

12 – 11- 2006


In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
John McCrae


Prose for Thought
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